Composed by: Sergei Rachmaninoff

Accompaniment: Piano

from Fourteen Songs, Op. 34, No. 14, Vocalise
lyrics, William K. Brehm
text adaptation, Loretta Giles
Accompaniment tracks available for:
Medium-High Voice (key: Bm)
Medium-Low Voice (key: Abm)
“Come to me and yearn no more.”
Each time that we listened to this haunting Rachmaninoff piece as an “exercise” we became more and more tempted to consider it for our collection. It is enchanting, and yet spare — begging for words. Very possibly the maestro may have had that little torment in mind when he completed it – perhaps leaving the addition of lyrics as an exercise for the listener. Whatever his intent, we decided to accept the challenge.
The first three notes virtually demanded “come to me,” and what followed was the obvious need for the development of that invitation and what rewards might be achieved by its graceful acceptance. The lyrics accordingly oblige.
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