Five Solas Project

Maria Fee, artist, doctoral candidate, and instructor at Fuller Theological Seminary, provided these references to current exhibitions in the Los Angeles area and timeless art related to the Reformation and the Five Solas.

Until March 26, 2017 LACMA will exhibit Renaissance and Reformation: German Art in the Age of Dürer and Cranach.
Until June 11, 2017 LACMA will exhibit The Prints of Albrecht Dürer.

Images related to the Reformation:

Luther and Cranach, by Lovis Corinth
Page from German Bible, 17th Century
Bible Reading, J.H. Nahl
Rembrandt Prints and Rembrandt Religious Theme Prints from the Morgan Library
The Three Trees after Rembrandt, Captain William E. Baillie from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Reel Spirituality, Brehm Center’s initiative of faith and film, provided these brief reflections on and suggestions for five films, each related to the Five Solas.

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